About Me

Hi there, and welcome to WellChopped! I’m Jane Mendes, the baker, mom, writer, and self-taught cook, the photographer behind this blog.

well chopped

Originally from Los Angeles and I spent a lot of time learning to cook and bake from my mom. I have my great-grandmother, Momoo, to thank as my first inspiration in the kitchen.

I started posting recipes to our family blog a few years after we moved to California for my husband to attend law school.

I had a lot of free time. Being in the kitchen was a coping mechanism that quickly turned into something so much more.  I gained so much knowledge about food, cooking, and baking. It has definitely influenced the way I approach recipes and has taught me how to be both innovative and inspired.

My favorite foods include all things Italian or Mexican, anything with chocolate, caramel, fresh fruit or browned butter

I don’t know how I’d live without the comfort food classics like pizza and enchiladas, all those indulgent dishes loaded with an abundance of gooey melted cheese.

Here you will find a collection of delicious recipes all tested and approved by me

My goal here is to publish recipes that you, your family and your friends will not only love but will want to make time and time again.

You can also contact me directly by sending me an email to jane@wellchopped.com